emsCharts for Windows 3.8.2 Released

From Official Release Notes:

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New in this release

Please note: You will need to un-install and re-install this version. Our next release will allow you to simply upgrade. This process can take up to 20 minutes to complete if you have the NEMSIS generation enabled, so please plan appropriately.

2/10/2021 – this was originally released as 3.8.1 but we found a bug that we repaired today and re-released as 3.8.2

New in this release

The following features and enhancements are now available.

Important! This is the first release of the validate and complete chart functionality. You may see some issues with validation. You will still be able to upload your charts to the web where you will be able to resolve any issues with the chart.

You may want to defer using this functionality until we’re able to address all known issues. You can still use this version of the application, but do not change your configuration to enable NEMSIS validation in mobile charts.

  • Document custom elements in Windows. Users can now document, save, and validate custom elements for all states in the Windows application. There is a new screen available where you can pick the state from the states that have been configured for your service, and then you can complete any custom fields required for your state.

    Note: You will only see the states that have been configured for your service’s exports. You will also need to update your database on your device to access your state datasets. Please contact our support team if you need assistance with this.
  • Validate your chart in the emsCharts Windows application. You are now able to validate your chart against Command, Service, and State/National NEMSIS rules. There are several new features to support the ability to start and complete the chart in the field.

    Enable chart validation. To enable Chart Completion in emsCharts for Windows, a software administrator needs to log into emsCharts on the web and then go to Configuration > Service > Code Tables, then in the ‘Mobile Configuration’ table, check the option for “Validate NEMSIS data in mobile charts” and click Save.

    Note: this is the first release of this functionality. See the note at the top of the page before enabling this.

Fixed issues

We fixed the following issues with this release:

  • Picklist options different on web and Windows. Fixed the picklist options for neuro and mental assessments in Windows to match the configured picklists on the web based on the version of NEMSIS configured for the Command Facility.

    To modify the picklist options for the Command Facility, log into emsCharts.com as a software administrator and go to Configuration … Command Fac, and select the Chart tab. Modify settings for the Anatomical Exam under Page 5. When users log out and back into the Windows device, the changes will be reflected in the mental and neuro assessment fields.
  • Rhythms were not validating as expected. Fixed an issue where the first rhythm and last rhythm fields were not being processed as expected when the chart was uploaded to the web and were not being validated as expected by the service’s rules.
  • No internet connectivity error. Users saw a “No internet connectivity” error when importing patients that had null values in some fields.
  • Hide PIN on signatures. When a user is signing the chart we now obfuscate their PIN as they’re entering it so that other users can’t see what was entered.
  • Documenting exposures for more than one crew member caused the application to crash. Fixed an issue where documenting the same exposure for multiple crew members resulted in an error or the application would crash.

Known issues

We’re currently working to resolve the following known issues.

  • Body survey resets to the V2 version on upload. Some users report issues where some charts are reverting to the V2 anatomical body image when the chart is uploaded to the web.
  • Neonatal data is added to the chart on upload. There have been a few reports of neonatal data being added to a chart when the chart is uploaded to the web.

Version 3.8.1 was re-released as 3.8.2 a day later to correct a problem during release of the software.